Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christian Opinion on Politics in the News

Donald Trump in the News

Christian Opinion on Donald Trump in the News. Donald Trump decided to run for President for this 2016 Election Year.

Lately the Donald has been the controversy in the political world lately. First it was about his statement about Mexico sending their worst, the criminal element, to the U.S. and not their best and law abiding citizens.

Frankly, Donald Trump has a point. It surely isn't the mainstream opinion, but we really have not had the chance to take a look at the truth behind his statement.

True, there are many thousands that come over here that are not the criminal element that Donald is talking about. The left is trying to use the statement that "he has offended the Mexicans," so he should be ousted as a Presidential Candidate.

Facts are facts,  there are plenty of Mexicans out there that are felons and continuing to commit crimes that should not be here in America. 

I am an ex-felon and I can't even go anywhere outside the U.S. for a vacation with my wife, so why on God's Green Earth  are they allowed in the United States.

The left is so mad they even put pressure on the Border Union to back out of their "on the boots tour" with Donald Trump.

Frankly, it is the opinion of this Christian that this country needs a new President that is not afraid to say no the the lobbiests and other manipulators that are in Washington. Donald Trump has all the money he needs to run, so he doesn't need to conform to the criminal element that is in Washington that funds the other canidates. 

The left and far left in Washington is afraid of Donald Trump, and they should be.

If the vote was today I would vote for the Donald. But as a Christian I must vote for the person who is the closest to my Christian beliefs and what the Scriptures say.

Which leads me to one question, "are you Saved Donald?" I have not looked into Donald's religious beliefs but I will keep you posted. Until then,

God Bless You from the Christian Opinionist