Sunday, August 9, 2015

God Don't Make Mistakes! LGBT & The Holy Bible

Format: Kindle Edition
This Book is heart-felt, awesome, hard hitting and polarizing!

But -WAIT!- It's not what you think, you will cry if you read this book, for more reasons than one.
The author takes you on his semi-autobiographical journey to hell...and back.
He has been there and done that.
It is not an easy topic, and I know that most people seeing this already have made up their mind. There's no convincing people anyway.

The author does not try to hit you with a hammer to convince you like a bible-basher. AGAIN - this is a heart-felt eloquent account and in-depth study of the scriptures and what they mean for us today.

You will learn a lot if you read this book, it will be a great help for the Christians still left in America. It is from the Christian point of view, the religion of the founding fathers of America, and that's good (no it's great) enough for me!
God Don't Make Mistakes! EBook