Saturday, December 24, 2016

From The Desk of Rev. Floyd Cryer

From The Desk Of Rev. Floyd Cryer

Dear friends,

I am more excited about sharing this new year of 2017 here at Testimony & Prayer Ministries. I know this blog hasn’t been the best of blogs but this is going to change in the coming year! That is why I am sharing with you the full details of where God is leading Testimony & Prayer Ministries in the year of 2017 through this blog.

I am writing you from my desk where I have been busy for this last semester slam packed with a full itinerary of college curriculum so this blog has gone neglected, But I have the privilege of addressing this by backing down my curriculum this coming semester so that I can have the time to focus on God’s Will which is every one of your salvation and knowledge that is needed for personal growth in the kingdom of God.

I have plans to share with you the knowledge that you seek for the growth that you need and hopefully in the future that we can come together and unite all believers from around the world in prayer and peace as well as ministry and standing for and with God’s Chosen People.

The Lord has given me a commission to bring every one of you to Life through Salvation through Jesus Christ through knowledge from God’s Word from the beginning of time to the present time and instruct you on God’s Will through His Word and lay it before you in black-and-white so it cannot be disputed.

Yet, God gives you a will to choose Salvation. It is not something we force here at this blog. We do not prosthelytize here. We give you the information that you need which is nothing but the truth and we hope you do your own research so that you come to your own conclusions and in the end come back here and let others know; we have plenty of places for your comments and reactions.

In 2017 I will be challenging you to join me in challenging me in this capstone project as I bring you all the pieces that will come together to provide a great spiritual growth that we need to make 2017 the greatest year we have seen in our Spiritual life to date.

It is my prayer that you will be challenged, inspired, and blessed as you read this blog by Testimony & Prayer Ministries... And that you will respond with your most generous gift of comments and readership so that together we can see our dreams and growth in our spiritual life come to life. Thank you so much for your heart and your love and your readership and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and the best year to come in the year of 2017.

                Your Rev. & Blogger
                Rev. Floyd Cryer

                Rev. Floyd Cryer